Tyson Beckford Still Suffering After Car Blaze

Model-turned-actor Tyson Beckford fears he’ll never drive a car again after he
was almost killed in a blaze after losing control of his Dodge Ram last month.

The Biker Boyz star was trapped inside his car as it burst into flames
after a collision in New Jersey on 6 June and he hasn’t set foot in a car
ever since, preferring instead to travel around on the back of his motorbike.

And Beckford is also worried his sight has been permanently damaged as he has
to wear sunglasses all the time because his eyes are so sensitive to light.

He recalls, “My lip was busted, one of my teeth was knocked out and my eye
was swollen shut and my nose was fractured and blood was squirting out of my

Beckford still has nightmares about the blaze and remembers one moment when
his seatbelt trapped him inside the furnace.

He adds, “I started pushing the seatbelt and it wouldn’t release, I guess,
because the brakes had locked and the seatbelt jammed up, so then I was
reaching for my knife to cut the seat and then the last try I did it popped

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