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U.S. TV personality Menounos to freeze her eggs

The pretty Greek-American, who hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in Athens in 2006 and currently presents U.S. news show Extra, has gone public with her baby plans in a taped interview with top TV medic Dr. Drew Pinsky for his Lifechangers show.

She told him, “I’m 33 and I decided that I know that I have a couple of years of work I want to get to and then do it (become a mum). I figured this is kind of an insurance policy, to a degree, to protect myself, from when I want to do it when I’m older.”

Menounos also broke the news to her parents on the show, telling them, “I have decided I am going to have kids… but, to make it realistic – because I am not going to do it for a few years, we’re going to freeze our eggs so that we have no problems down the line.”

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