Users Speak Out: We WANT to remember the WTC users have spoken and the response is overwhelmingly clear:

The World Trade Center, a symbol of America’s strength and power, should be remember and revered. Hollywood should keep all the images of the Twin Towers intact in films and television programs.

From our poll, 77.8% of our users voted against removing images of the WTC and 22.2% voted they would rather not be reminded.

Many of you also let us know your thoughts and feelings on the matter. Here’s what some of you have said:

I don’t understand it. We have finally been told that we are not immune to the tragedy that is happening in other countries already. We have been given a wake-up call. And what do we want to do? Push the snooze button? Go back to sleep?

I understand that some situations are hard for those who have lost loved ones in the tragedy. I’m not immune to it. I’m glad my mother and father no longer work at the Pentagon. I’m grateful that my fiance is safe and still in my arms. I’ve read the heartfelt articles in the Washington Post about loved ones waiting for the arrival of their family member(s), refusing to believe that they are dead. I’ve cried and I’m unable to read these stories anymore without bringing back those tears. But it is something I refuse to let go, something I refuse to forget in any way.

By removing these instances from the movies, we are giving in to our fears and hiding from them. We are attempting to forget something that should never be forgotten. We should be strong in our understanding and dealing with what has happened. We should be proud to see these images in movies, knowing that even through the tragedy, we are able to carry on as normal. Terrorism is described as an act of intimidation or coercion and we are caving in more and more when we chose to forget what was and what is.

“We have woken a sleeping giant and he has rolled back over and gone to sleep.”

–Christopher Goodno

After being completely saturated with the coverage of the crisis, the evening after the attacks my husband and I decided to watch a movie on cable to get our minds off of things. The movie we chose was Bait, which had at least a dozen shots of the WTC. One shot was particularly eerie, in that is zoomed in on the upper floors of the tower. It was upsetting and sad, and will continue to be for some time to come. I am glad to see Hollywood taking a responsible position during this time of tragedy.

–Tracy Ryan

First off, let me say how saddened I am by the terrorist attacks on American soil. With that said, I believe the industry can go too far in trying to be “politically correct” or “sensitive” about the future uses of the images of the WTC in films and on book covers, or video game covers. In a way, the images of the WTC in the Spider-Man movie, for example, might even be looked at by some as a remembrance or tribute to New York’s past great skyline. In the movie trailer, the buildings were not being blown up or set on fire, so I don’t see the harm in allowing people to view the majestic skyline, as it once stood for peace and prosperity in our city (I live in New York). As it pertains to terrorist movies, then yes, I agree with holding them back for a while to let the Americans heal a bit from this blow to our way of life, but we must remember the way this great city used to look (and will look again), so I do not see the harm in images depicting the WTC or surrounding areas… We must remember the WTC and never forget what the terrorists took away from us.

–Kathy McCormack

The World Trade Center towers were a remarkable piece of engineering knowledge and to remove them from all future endeavors would be a shame. Yes it will bring sadness and most likely emotions of hatred but they are a part of history that should be used to create possibly bigger and better icons for America’s future. Anyone who has a piece of this past, should treasure it.

— Margie Scammaca

Give it two to three months. After that, movies with or without the Twin Towers and about terrorism should be showing on theaters and television just as planned.

–Gerardo Garcia

At this time America is sensitive to the attacks here in America, but pulling movies out (even banning many songs on radio) is too much. Come on! This is ridiculous! Movies are for entertainment and even movies with terrorism doesn’t show terrorists in a good light. A movie like Independence Day shows hostile attacks from aliens, but it showed that people of all races united to fight the enemy and prevailed. This is more of a feel-good movie than a depressing one. Most movies with terrorism always show where THE BAD GUY ALWAYS LOSES.

–Jeff Centauri

I think it’s okay if they want to remove the image of the WTC towers from any future movies or TV shows, but if the show or movie was filmed and made before the terrorist attack, then they shouldn’t have to remove the towers.

–Jonathan Racasa

If a movie that has already been made and has not been released yet, then yes pull it, because it would
make no sense to show a movie that features two buildings that are not even there. However, do not
take away good movies like Independence Day due to the incident.


What happened to the WTC is very tragic and my heart goes out to all the families of the victims, fire- fighters and policemen, but in order for everyone to start trying to heal, we need to face what happened head on and not wait a year to do it. Hiding the images of the WTC is impossible because people want pictures and are buying them, the news is showing them when they were first built. I think it’s great that plans to build them bigger and better have already started. No one ever heals if the situation is hidden or put on the back burner and not dealt with. People need to realize this is only the beginning of this war and it will probably last for a very long time. If Hollywood isn’t going to show what we already know, the media, newspapers and reporters will.

–Becky Ramirez

I don’t think they should show the World Trade Center, especially if it has to do with violence. I live in the city and saw them destroyed in front of my eyes.


Hollywood is always first in line to capitalize on emotional issues. It would be a low blow to all Americans, if we are constantly reminded of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, because Hollywood wanted to make a buck. Not to mention what impact a major motion picture, with the WTC, could have on a “stars” career. Maybe in fifteen or twenty years from now, a producer could make a movie that might explain the evil committed to our great nation. But, for now, let our nation heal and find the low-life scum bag that derived such a painful act of cowardice.

–Donald Bixler

No! Most definitely not…I find the absence of the WTC far more offensive than its presence. Over the years since its construction, the WTC towers stood out like a beacon of light over the city of New York, symbolic of mankind’s resourcefulness and spirit.

When bereaved, we don’t pretend our loved ones never existed.. we don’t throw out their possessions and burn their photographs… NO! we want to remember them, we NEED to remember them and the joy they brought to our lives.

Why then should we seek to obliterate this majestic building from our memory as though we are ashamed that it ever existed… WE have nothing to be ashamed of, and I for one hope that they rebuild the towers of the WTC, BIGGER and BETTER than before, as a lasting memorial to the people who lost their lives there.

–Clint Sherratt

Hello, I run a movie theatre in Indiana, so I have had to deal with the delays of movies and the removal of media items to promote certain movies. It is my understanding that the government would like for us to try to get things back to normal. How can this be accomplished when people are going out of their way to try and cover up reminders of the buildings which were involved? You cannot retrieve movies or shows or pictures that the public may have already in their homes. The absent buildings themselves are a clear reminder of what happened and will continue to be throughout history. With this being said why should Hollywood or anyone else lose money by trying to cover up what has happened. We will never forget September 11, 2001; and we never should. Thank you for the time in reading this email to express my feelings on this subject.

–David L. Stoup

I believe if we remove all reference to the WTC from movies, games, pictures, etc… they’ve won. I agree that movies due to be released such as Collateral Damage should be put on hold, at least long enough to allow the families to grieve, and the United States to let this pass as a whole. But making any major changes in the way we live (besides maybe some better security at these airports) and they’ve accomplished their goal. I hope that the lessee of the WTC property does indeed rebuild the WTC’s. Even taller this time. Anything else would add to the tragedy that already passed. Putting a memorial on the first floor to remind everyone of what happened is a must. We need to keep this country in our prayers, as well as back our President, George W. Bush, with all the support we can muster. God Bless America.

–Eddie Leonard