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Usher and Busta Rhymes among stars on Hamilton mixtape

Hip-hop icons such as Busta Rhymes, Queen Latifah and Usher will be included on an upcoming mixtape featuring tracks from blockbuster musical Hamilton.
After the original Broadway cast album was released in September (15), the hip-hop musical’s creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda revealed he hoped to recruit some of music’s biggest stars for his new record The Hamilton Mixtape, featuring “Remixes & Covers & Inspired bys”.
Now it has been revealed that Miranda tapped the likes of Busta Rhymes, Queen Latifah and Usher for the Atlantic Records album, as well as Chance The Rapper, Sia, Ben Folds and Regina Spektor.
Songs from Hamilton, which tells the story of America’s founding father Alexander Hamilton, were inspired by Miranda’s hip-hop heroes, and he included numerous references to their songs within the tracks, including hits by Busta Rhymes.
“He was really the first hip-hop artist to see Hamilton,” Miranda told Entertainment Weekly of his idol. “And it’s very hard to overstate how much I love Busta Rhymes as a hip-hop artist. That was the most nervous I’ve been for a person to see the show because his opinion meant everything to me.”
As for Busta, he shares the same mutual respect for the composer/actor, previously telling Access Hollywood: “The powerful element of hip-hop… changes the entire experience of theatre, because it hasn’t happened this way before. It sets a new standard… This is a defining moment… (The show) inspires you in a way to dig that much deeper on every level creatively. When you leave this experience you feel like you’re not doing enough – that’s how powerful it is.
“I’m proud of this man (Miranda) and what he’s been able to do … I’m going to be one of the most significant supporters of this experience moving forward.”
The original Broadway cast album was a hit when it was released last year (15), debuting at number 12 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart, making it the highest launch spot for a Broadway recording since the early 1960s. It also peaked at the number one slot on the Billboard Rap chart, and recently won a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album.
The Hamilton Mixtape is expected to be released this autumn (16).

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