Vampire Panic: A Polish Cemetery For Vampires

vampire grave in Poland,  "Vampire Panic: A Polish Cemetery For Vampires"zhouxuan12345678/Flickr

If disinterment is your hobby, steer clear of Eastern Europe. You could easily dig up the dismembered.

Long before we understood human physiology, unexplained deaths were believed to be a product of vampirism. A vampire panic spread throughout Europe and the United Sates. And since decapitation is the best way to keep a vamp from bouncing back, beheading the dead was not uncommon. A ton of extra work, but probably worth it.

So consider the poor road crew that stumbled across 17 skeletons with their skulls between their knees while excavating a roadbed in southern Poland. They were so freaked out they called in archaeologist Lukasz Obtulowicz from the monument protection office in Katowice, who confirmed it was indeed a vamp burial ground.

All in a day’s work if you make your living in Parks and Recreation. If you dig roads for a living, not so much.