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Vera Farmiga: ‘Negative mysticism is emotionally taxing’

Vera Farmiga loved being silly with co-star Patrick Wilson in between takes on The Conjuring 2.
The 42-year-old actress reprises her role as real-life ghostbuster Lorraine Warren in the supernatural sequel. While the tone of the movie is undoubtedly dark and scary, Vera enjoyed lightening the mood on set with Patrick, who plays her partner Ed Warren.
“I’m very close with Patrick, so just partnering up with him is really like stepping into your old comfy pair of shoes,” Vera told Collider.com. “He’s a good friend. He’s a very, very good friend. His wife is one of my best friends. So that closeness, I think, lends itself to that familiarity. And we have a blast doing it. It’s dark. Exploring negative mysticism is not fun. It’s arduous, it’s emotionally taxing. But, in between takes, and you’ll see, we’re so silly.”
The first film was definitely a challenge for Vera, who is mother to two children with her husband Renn Hawkey. The tales of children affected by supernatural activity proved difficult for the actress to switch off from when it came to her own family life.
“I was really challenged by the first one. It was harder for me, especially in pre-production, all the research that went into it, it was very difficult for me psychologically,” she said. “I was very spooked and at all times would look over the kids to make sure they weren’t levitating. Living in fear. My life was drenched in fear and that’s very different this time around too. Which is a lot more pleasurable. I know how to turn it on for the camera and really just repel any negative thought, any fear, anything that from this perspective.”
Another trick Vera picked up was to always learn her lines in the daytime. Doing that, and having her family around, meant she was less likely to be scared by the tale itself.
“It was a heck of a lot easier to have my kids and husband this time around,” she said. “I have to learn my lines in my trailer, during daylight. I don’t take it home with me.”

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