Vera Farmiga’s Sister Taissa cast in ‘The Conjuring 2’ Spin-Off


Actress Taissa Farmiga is joining her sister Vera in The Conjuring supernatural horror franchise after landing the titular role in upcoming spin-off The Nun.

The American Horror Story star, 22, will feature alongside Demian Bichir in the new movie, which is based on the demonic nun Valak, who came to life from a painting in The Conjuring 2 and attacked Vera Farmiga’s character, real-life paranormal investigator Lorraine Warren.

The Conjuring
Warner Bros.

Reports suggest Taissa will be portraying Valak during her youth, with The Hateful Eight’s Demian cast as Father Burke, who is sent to Rome, Italy to look into a mysterious death.

The Conjuring
Warner Bros.

The movie will be directed by British filmmaker Corin Hardy, the man behind 2015 movie The Hallow, and it will be produced by Peter Safran and James Wan, who co-wrote the script with Gary Dauberman, reports

Further casting details have yet to be revealed, but studio bosses at New Line Cinema will be hoping to scare up a storm in July, 2018, by releasing The Nun on Friday the 13th.

Wan directed original thriller The Conjuring in 2013 and its sequel in 2016; both were big hits at the box office, grossing more than $318 million worldwide.

The Conjuring movies were based on true tales from Lorraine’s haunting investigations with her late husband Ed, portrayed onscreen by Patrick Wilson.

The Conjuring
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The first film spawned another scary spin-off in 2014, Annabelle, about a possessed doll. It grossed over $256 million globally from a budget of just $6.5 million, and now a prequel, titled Annabelle: Creation, is due to hit movie theaters in August (17).

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