Viola Davis fell in love with canine co-star on set of Widows


Viola Davis fell completely in love her canine co-star during filming for her new movie Widows.

The Oscar winner stars opposite Liam Neeson as Veronica Rawlins in the heist movie, directed by Steve McQueen. And while she gets to kiss the Taken hunk in her scenes with him, a prospect she admitted “terrified” her, it was her white, fluffy, co-star, West Highland Terrier Olivia, who received most of her affection during filming.

“Let me tell you something, we don’t have a dog (at home), because my husband (Julius Tennon) says the dog is going to tear up the furniture,” she shared during an interview on British morning show Lorraine on Monday (05Nov18) as she admitted she fell hard for the loyal Westie.

“I’m talking about love. I love that dog. I was kissing the dog, I was holding that dog between scenes,” the 53-year-old actress continued. “I would say, ‘You’re my baby’. I’m always looking at people who kiss their dog’s mouth like, ‘That’s disgusting’. (But) I was kissing that dog’s mouth!”

And it seems that Olivia has gained more than Viola as a fan, as many filmgoers have flooded social media with praise for the dog, who plays her loyal companion throughout the movie as she plans a heist with three other women following the death of her criminal mastermind husband Harry.

However, it’s not Olivia’s first brush with fame, as the Westie, who is represented by Animal Casting Atlanta, has previously appeared in Netflix film Insatiable, as well as 2018 movie Game Night, playing Jesse Plemons‘ character Gary Kingsbury’s blood-soaked dog Bastian.

Widows begins hitting screens on 6 November.