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Wahlberg worries about pals’ perception

The Boogie Nights star grew up in a rough area of Boston, Massachusetts, and turned to drugs and crime as a teen before a stint in jail prompted him to turn his life around.

But Wahlberg admits he still tries to impress friends from his old neighbourhood with ‘tough guy’ roles.

He tells Empire magazine, “I am a bit self-conscious. I grew up in a tough neighbourhood and it’s cool if you’re playing a tough guy, but playing the vulnerable guy, the p**sy, the guy who doesn’t win and who doesn’t get the girl, that is always in the back of my mind as a potential concern. Too often I have wanted approval from my peers back home and respect from guys in general, but as an actor you’ve got to be able to do different things…

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“Having turned my life around, I was a ‘p**sy’ and I was a ‘fag’. Excuse the language, but that’s just the way it was. It was f**ked up.”

But Wahlberg admits he has learned to cut out friends who were holding him back from Hollywood success.

He adds, “There are a lot (of friends) that are trying to turn their lives around. But ultimately I couldn’t continue to give my friends jobs if they weren’t focused on doing the right thing… You get to know who your real friends are.”

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