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Waits knew for months Hilton break-up was necessary for career

Hilton and the nightclub owner ended their relationship last month (Jun11) and the reality star has since spoken out about the split, insisting the two remain friends but the romance simply “ran its course”.

Waits now reveals the two had problems long before the media knew.

He tells People.com, “I don’t want to speak for Paris, but this break-up is something I knew, for a number of months, needed to happen – and we finally saw eye to eye. I need to get back to focusing on my career.”

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And although Hilton appears to have quickly moved on to her next man – filmmaker Todd Phillips – Waits is taking his time to find another partner, insisting he won’t be stepping out with another Paris.

He adds, “In my next relationship I expect honesty, strong values, true communication, commitment, mutual trust and respect, something I didn’t necessarily have recently. At the end of the day, I want my partner and I to have the same ethics.”

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