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Walter Becker’s widow opens up about late rocker’s cancer battle

Steely Dan star Walter Becker was the victim of a “terrifying” cancer attack, according to his widow.
The cause of the rocker’s death was not released following his passing in September (17), but now Delia Becker has revealed all about her late husband’s final days in a letter published by Rolling Stone.
Explaining the cancer “seemed to have come out of nowhere and had spread with terrifying speed”, she writes: “Walter chose an intense regimen of chemotherapy… (but) between the cancer’s aggressiveness and the overwhelming toxicity resulting from the chemotherapy treatments, Walter died less than four months after the cancer was detected.”
Delia reveals Walter was at home in New York City “surrounded by his family, his music, and a blustery rainstorm…” when he died, while explaining why it has taken her so long to confirm the cause of death: “Walter wanted privacy during the course of his illness and he hoped for recovery. He wanted to be able to return to the stage and once again perform for his fans.
“It’s important to me, as it was to Walter, that you all know he never intended to keep anyone in the dark about his condition. He just ran out of time much sooner than any of us thought possible.
“For me personally, his death was a devastating blow, as I know it was for many of you. I am just beginning to emerge from its heartbreaking impact.”

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