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Walters’ shock at hair growth after bald Mowlam role

The Mamma Mia! star has dyed her hair red for decades, but cut her locks off to play the late Northern Ireland Secretary of State in a TV biopic, which screened in the U.K. earlier this year (10).

Walters admits it was a “very odd” experience being bald and she resorted to wearing a wig.

The actress was shocked when her hair grew back grey – but she likes the colour so much, she’s keeping it.

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She says, “I would never have known what colour it was – I’ve always dyed it. It’s only when I shaved it for Mo Mowlam… that was a real shock.

“It was really weird. I looked like all my mother’s male relatives. Not attractive. It was very odd. Your head’s not the shape you expect it to be, the bumps and all of that. I had to wear this awful acrylic wig.”

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