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Warmhearted Adele visits terminally ill fan

The singer Adele took time out at the start of her world tour to visit a seriously ill fan in Ireland.
Before she kicked off her tour in Belfast on Monday (29Mar16) the Skyfall singer visited 12-year-old Rebecca Gibney, who suffers from cerebal palsy and epilepsy, at her home in the east of the city.
Her mother Tracy told the BBC that Rebecca has been a long-time fan of Adele, 27, and often smiles or sings along when she hears the British songbird’s voice.The young fan, who is also blind, was given six months to live last year and has been battling the odds ever since.
“If anyone turns it off, Rebecca goes into a mood,” her mother said.
Tracy set up a Facebook campaign to get Adele to visit her daughter, which amassed over 4,000 likes and on Tuesday (1Mar16) the singer’s management called to say they would pop over in an hour.
“It’s amazing. I’ll never forget it,” beamed a proud Rebecca. “It’s made me feel like I’m the best mummy in the world which I never felt. Adele told me I was the best mummy in the world too… I know that when Rebecca passes away she did get her dream come true.”
Rebecca was too ill to go to the concert but Adele, who sat by the youngster’s bedside, took the opportunity to invite Tracy and her other daughter to that evening’s concert as her special guests.
Adele’s visit came just hours after she helped another fan, Patrick James after he tweeted his support for the singer but revealed he didn’t have a ticket to the gig.
The warmhearted star, who also spent time writing surprise notes to fans in her concert programmes before the show, replied: “I’ll sort you out my love. Can’t have you missing this one x.”

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