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Watch ‘Twentyfourseven’ on Wednesday

Twentyfourseven – MTV

This holiday season, MTV has been very generous in its gift giving. In this case, for the fans that never miss a droplet of the network’s over-the-top reality programming, Twentyfourseven, a mix between Laguna Beach and HBO’s Entourage, is an absolute dream come true.

You’d actually think that a pack of non-high school aged, semi-professional men wouldn’t act as catty, petty, or dramatic as the folks hailing from bleach-blonde Laguna, but Chris, Cipes, Frankie, Greg, Matt, Ty, and Whitman all carry themselves with enough absurdity, chauvinism, and naivety, to officially make MTV the home of privileged, out-of-touch youth.

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In this week’s episode Whitman’s pick-up line of, ‘you’re not a porn star are you?’ actually works on a real girl! The catch, though, is it worked on Lorenzo Lamas’ daughter, and the washed-up, protective star is none too comfortable with it.

Twentyfourseven airs Wednesday at 10:30/11:30c on MTV.

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