Weaver’s “Alien” Adventure, Banderas Getting “Femme”

Sigourney Weaver is in negotiations to do the fifth installment of the “Alien” series — for a mere $15 million, as reported by London’s Sunday Express.

This time around the story will finally be set on Earth. Weaver‘s character, Ripley, was last seen heading to Earth as a cloned version of herself in the 1997 “Alien Resurrection.” The film is planned to be released 2004, to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the original “Alien.”

Weaver will also executive produce the flick, written by Joss Whedon (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer“).

BANDERAS “FEMME” SIDE: Spanish hunk Antonio Banderas has signed on to star in director Brian De Palma‘s French noir thriller “Femme Fatale.” He’ll be playing a paparazzo. Despite a four-month search, the female lead has yet to be cast, though a choice is expected soon. Shooting begins March 12, primarily on location in Paris and Cannes (some of the action takes place during the festival). De Palma‘s most recent film was last year’s poorly received “Mission to Mars,” but producer Marina Gefter says “Femme” harkens back to De Palma‘s early filmmaking, such as “Dressed to Kill” and “The Untouchables.”

SEDGWICK, BACON A TEAM: Real-life couple Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon will star in Showtime’s “Cavedweller,” an adaptation on Dorothy Allison’s best-selling novel. The story revolves around a rock star (Sedgwick) who goes back home to Georgia to reconnect with her daughters she left behind 10 years earlier, escaping from an abusive husband. Bacon stars as another rock star attracted to Sedgwick‘s character. Bacon was seen in last year’s sci-fi extravangza “Hollow Man” and Sedgwick last film was the independent “What’s Cooking?,” which was released at end of last year.

LEVY EATS “PIE II”: Eugene Levy is getting his biggest payday to date, with his deal to star in Universal’s “American Pie II” — netting nearly a seven-figure sum. He will again be playing the father of Jim (Jason Biggs) from the original “American Pie.” Levy was recently nominated for a Golden Globe for co-writing the hilarious “Best in Show” and will be seen in the upcoming Chris Rock comedy “Down To Earth,” opening Feb. 16.