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Wednesday: ’41st Annual CMA Awards’

[IMG:L]41st Annual CMA Awards — 8/7c on ABC

Country music steals the spotlight tonight, rolling out the red carpet for the best in its field. You know, like…Jamie Foxx?

That’s right, the actor/R&B singer gets countrified tonight, performing with CMA regulars Rascal Flatts.

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Other, slightly less surprising performers slated for the telecast from the Sommet Center in Nashville: Brooks and Dunn, Kenny Chesney, the Eagles, Martina McBride, George Strait and Keith Urban (possible-Kidman-sighting alert!).

Other performers many people don’t consider to be “country” enough: Carrie Underwood. So just one such performer, really.


Real World — 10/9c on MTV
New roommate! Not that the show needs fixing, but here’s an idea for The Real World that would send the melodrama soaring to new heights: Have the gang spend about half the season getting to know each other before one roommate leaves and a new one enters the fray, like what happened this season in Sydney. Shauvon has bolted, giving in to her estranged boyfriend’s Real World-or-me ultimatum, and tonight the house welcomes her replacement, Ashli. And it doesn’t take long for her to polarize the joint.

[IMG:R]Kill Bill: Vols. 1 & 2 — 9/8c, 11/10c on IFC
A few years before Quentin Tarantino tried to reinvent the wheel with Grindhouse, he tried to do so with Kill Bill, releasing two “volumes” six months apart instead of one long-ass movie (thereby doubling the profits). Although all Tarantino fans probably own both volumes on DVD, IFC airs them back-to-back tonight, creating its own Grindhouse-esque double bill. Whether on DVD or IFC, this two-‘fer masterpiece, one of the writer-director’s several, is worth a look back, if only for the scene in which Uma Thurman treats herself to a much-needed pedicure courtesy of Daryl Hannah’s loose eyeball (Vol. 2).

[IMG:L]Booty Call — 8/7c on BET
If you’re a Jamie Foxx superfan, tonight poses a bit of a Sophie’s Choice scenario: Booty Call or the CMA Awards (see above)? Toughie. It’s also the only time you’ll be forced to choose between such extreme opposites.

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Biography: Jon Stewart — 9/8c on Biography Channel
Perfect timing for this new Bio, because we might not be seeing any new Daily Shows for a while thanks to the writers strike.

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