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Wednesday: ‘A Holiday Celebration at Ford’s Theatre’

[IMG:L]A Holiday Celebration at Ford’s Theatre — 10/9c on ABC

As holiday-themed specials go, this one is no great shakes.

But if you’re starved for a little Christmas in D.C.–and it has, after all, been a whole week since Christmas in Washington aired–A Holiday Celebration at Ford’s Theatre is your only option for the night.

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And, in fact, it’s one of just three “holiday” shows tonight (Frosty reruns re-run at 8/7c on CBS, again). Only three X-mas specials tonight? Oh, the horror!

As for this gala–set at D.C.’s Ford Theatre–Olivia Newton-John, Christopher Titus, Yolanda Adams, and Dancing with the Stars dancers Jonathan Roberts and Karina Smirnoff headline the list of performers/quasi-celebs who were available.


[IMG:R]Biography — 9/8c on BIO
The Harry Potter kids are no longer kids! This new Bio profiles Daniel RadcliffeEmma Watson and Rupert Grint, the franchise’s three principle actors who’ve been with the series since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in 2001. They are now 18, 17 and 19, respectively, and richer than hell since they probably weren’t allowed to spend their accumulated Potter pounds until now.

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