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Wednesday: ‘Biography: Hugh Laurie’

[IMG:L]Biography: Hugh Laurie — 9/8c on BIO

Love House and the British bloke who plays the title character?

Do his sardonic acceptance speeches at awards ceremonies crack you up and leave you wanting more of the non-House?

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Wanna beat your friends next time you play the Hugh Laurie Trivia Game?

Well, the Biography Channel’s got you covered as only it can.

By now everyone knows that Laurie is the star of Fox’s wildly popular doctor drama and that he is, in fact, British, not American, despite the most convincing accent maybe ever.

But beyond that, people don’t know much about the veteran actor, especially since he’s not exactly prime tabloid material (no offense, Hugh!).

As is always the case with Biography Channel’s, er, “Biographies,” it’s hard to figure out how the network can churn out a full hour’s worth of info, but by God, the good folks at BIO know they’re stuff and never fail to impress–or at least inform.

And, yes, it’s a slow night tonight on TV!

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UFO Hunters — 10/9c on History Channel
If you’ve seen the History/Sci-Fi Channel’s Ghost Hunters, consider yourself ready to go for its likely more-sensationalized cousin show, UFO Hunters, whose series debuts tonight. The first investigation of an unidentified flying object takes place off the coast of Catalina Island, where underwater mystery points to the sky.

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