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Wednesday: ‘Halloween’

[IMG:L]Halloween — 8/7c on AMC

Why go out and be jolly when you can stay in and be scared paranoid to the sights and sounds of Halloween’s flagship movie?

Almost three decades after its release, and even with attempts on a near weekly basis to duplicate it, John Carpenter’s seminal masterpiece still holds up as one of the scariest movies of all time.

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Is it the theme “song”? Is it a young Jamie Lee Curtis’ deafening shrieks? Is it Michael Myers specifically–or the mere concept of the bogeyman? Watch it again tonight to refresh your memory and to wipe the slate clean of the movie’s sequels.

You shouldn’t subject yourself to the nightmare-inducing Halloween on a regular basis, but tonight’s the night. So curl up on the couch, keep a bucket of ice cream and popcorn within reach–you know, to compensate for all that Halloween candy you’re not eating–and take the plunge!


Bloodsucking Cinema — 9/8c on Starz
A lovely companion piece to the movie mentioned above, this examination of vampires and their treatment in the movies–with an interview of John Carpenter, no less–is just what you need to stay creeped out all night long. Just TiVo it and watch it immediately following Halloween, and you’re all set. Or you can TiVo…

[IMG:R]Murder by Numbers — 8/7c on IFC
Nope, not the 2002 Sandra Bullock whodunit–this is, after all, the Independent Film Channel. It’s an hour-long doc about the rise of serial-killer films since the 1970s, featuring interviews with some of those movies’ directors: Ridley Scott (Hannibal), David Fincher (Seven), John McNaughton (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer) and Richard Fleischer (The Boston Strangler). Wait, the rare on-camera Fincher interview? Oh, we’re so in!

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