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Wednesday: ‘Real World’

[IMG:L]Real World — 10/9c on MTV

Another season in the books–without a hitch!

Well, OK, maybe not without a hitch.

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In typical Real World fashion, the show’s 19th season shone the spotlight almost exclusively on the melodrama: KellyAnne hooked up with Dunbar right off the bat, but spent much of the season thereafter canoodling with Cohutta; Shauvon left fairly early on to reconcile with her boyfriend, followed by Trisha’s forced departure (for shoving Parisa); Parisa was berated by just about everyone in the house at one time or another–most notably Dunbar, whose voice alone seemed dangerous; Isaac appeared cuckoo when the sight of a blackbird led him to believe a family member had died, but he surprised everyone–especially viewers–when his prophecy came true; and Dunbar cheated on his girlfriend with then-new roommate Ashli, before the two became the bitterest of enemies.

So, for those keeping score, it looks like Dunbar is the winner of this year’s Most Arcs in a Real World Season award. Congrats to him and the Real World: Sydney producers, who marked their go-to man from Day One.

As for what is rumored to transpire in tonight’s one-hour season finale? Ashli and Dunbar clash one final time; KellyAnne’s flirting at the local bar bothers Cohutta (he gets bothered–who knew?!); and Parisa tries to calm everyone down yet again. Everyone will probably be all tears, though, when it comes time for the goodbyes–maybe even Dunbar.

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