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Wednesday: ‘Under One Roof’

[IMG:L]Under One Roof — 8/7c on MyNetworkTV

That Flavor Flav is so indefatigable, he’s like a talentless Ryan Seacrest (which isn’t to say Seacrest is super-talented)!

For example, he has two shows airing tonight: his brand new scripted comedy Under One Roof on MyNetworkTV (formerly UPN) and a new episode of his reality comedy Flavor of Love 3–which is probably also scripted–on VH1.

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In Under One Roof, Flav plays an ex-con named Calvester who moves in with his wealthy brother’s (Kelly Perine) conservative, stuffy family.

Think Fresh Prince of Bell-Air meets Tyler Perry-esque soap opera.

On tonight’s series premiere, Calvester’s former cellmate stops by for a visit.

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