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Westwood to produce theatre show

The British designer-turned-eco activist has long campaigned for increased green awareness and now she wants to bring her message to the masses by producing a stage show about climate change.

And she insists the theatre is the perfect place to “communicate” her concerns.

Westwood tells Britain’s Daily Express, “We need theatre to ask more questions about things. I do think a lot more ought to be said and communicated through theatre than it is at the moment and I want to get involved in that. In any autocratic society, theatre is the first thing to go. It’s important. I’m so traumatised by climate change and theatre is somewhere to discuss it.

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“We’re an endangered species and at the end of the century there’s only going to be a million people left and nobody’s doing anything about it. We really face extinction, so there are all kinds of things we need to talk about in theatre.”

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