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Whitney Cummings spent New Year’s Eve throwing up in Hong Kong

The Made of Honor star flew to the Far East with her boyfriend to ring in 2013, but things went horribly wrong on a boat cruise of Victoria Harbour, and, as the fireworks lit up the night sky, she began throwing up.

She tells U.S. TV host Jay Leno, “We were out on this boat for New Year’s, there was like all these fireworks and it was on the harbour… He (boyfriend) had a lot of his very good friends there that gave us (girls) these big jackets and I feel like the first thing you do when someone gives you a jacket is you put your hands in the pockets to see if there’s any money in it. Any loose change or any clues.

“So I just put my hands in the pockets and I pull out these four clear, cellophane packets full of, like, brown granules… This was, like, some health food guy, or something… So I’m thinking its brown sugar… therefore I need to eat it… Turns out it was cumin salt.

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“I took it and I just instantly started screaming. I threw my body over the side of the boat… I started crying, snot was coming out of my nose… My entire brain essentially exploded… It’s like eating fire.”

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