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Whoopi Goldberg appeals for documentary donations

The Ghost star has interviewed a host of famous faces for I Got Somethin’ To Tell You, a documentary about the vaudeville funnywoman.

Goldberg still needs $65,000 (£40,625) to finish the project, so she has started up a fundraising page on Kickstarter.com to pull in the balance.

In a post on the site, she writes, “Moms Mabley was a pioneer in the comedy world and this documentary will showcase her talent and pay homage to a woman who is still relevant today… Moms helped shape the idea that comedy could make a political and social statement and still be hilarious. She’s one of my role models and her comedy is still poignant today.

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“This documentary will delve into the comedy of Mabley, as well as help define her significance through clips, old photographs, television show appearances and interviews, conducted by me with famous and influential people who either knew and worked with Moms or were inspired by her.”

Goldberg is offering rewards including signed photos, personalised thank-you cards and a mention in the DVD credits to those who help her reach her goal by 26 July (12).

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