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Whoopi Goldberg brushes off Oprah confusion

Whoopi Goldberg is unfazed after beauty bloggers mistook her for Oprah Winfrey on the Oscars red carpet.
The Ghost star served as a presenter at Sunday’s (28Feb16) Academy Awards, where she showed off a large shoulder tattoo in a black gown which exposed the tops of her shoulders.
Bloggers at Total Beauty shared a photo of Whoopi on the red carpet during the ceremony, and commented on the new ink by writing, “We had no idea @Oprah was #tatted, and we love it”.
Fans were quick to point out the mistake and editors promptly removed the post, but it had already gone viral.
Total Beauty bosses subsequently apologised for the mishap and offered up a $10,000 (£7,180) donation to one of Whoopi and Oprah’s favourite charities, but the two stars have brushed off the case of mistaken identity.
“I heard about it (controversy) this morning,” Whoopi explained on her U.S. talk show The View on Monday (29Feb16). “You know… I feel pretty good if you’re comparing me to Oprah, saying I look like Oprah, that’s not a bad thing. It could have been a lot of worse!”
Whoopi went on to insist Total Beauty chiefs don’t need to make the token donation.
“They don’t need to do that,” she continued. “It just – it happens. People make mistakes all the time. We do it on (The View)… it was an honest mistake. We both look good, Oprah and I!”
Meanwhile, TV titan and actress Oprah also laughed off the photo flub in a picture posted on Instagram by her best pal, news anchor Gayle King. In the photo, the Selma star looks confused as Gayle’s daughter holds up a cell phone with Total Beauty’s embarrassing Twitter post on display.
“@Oprah & favorite daughter watching #Oscars & seeing @totalbeautyeditors snafu!”, she captioned the shot. “We all love @whoopigoldberg but we don’t all look alike Jeeeze (sic)!”

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