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Whoopi Goldberg calls on Disney bosses to make Sister Act sequel

Whoopi Goldberg is urging Disney bosses to seriously consider making a third Sister Act movie after pop star Lizzo paid homage to the hit franchise at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.
The singer took the stage at the California ceremony on Saturday (15Jun19) to belt out her hit song Juice while wearing a purple choir robe with a pink stole, appearing to channel Lauryn Hill’s character in the finale of Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit, in which she began the group’s set as a soloist.
The camera then cut to a group of Lizzo’s dancers waiting backstage, who had been dressed in the same attire, as an assistant told them, “Lizzo says take off your robes,” mimicking the scene at the end of the 1993 comedy.
Lizzo and her crew all ended up stripping off their robes to reveal their real costumes underneath as they launched into the uptempo performance, while they also incorporated a few signature dance moves from the film into the awards show gig.
The Sister Act tribute earned the musician high praise from Whoopi online after tuning into the MTV broadcast on Monday, and during an appearance on her daytime talk show The View on Wednesday, the veteran actress took the opportunity to call on movie officials at Disney to grant the surviving members of the cast their wish to turn the series into a trilogy.
“I want to point out to anyone who’s not sure if Sister Act still works, just saying (sic)!” Whoopi remarked. “It was part of folks’ (childhoods) growing up. Lizzo was five when Sister Act 2 came out; she’s 31 now…”
She went on to reveal fans are always asking about a potential sequel, but the decision is ultimately not up to her.
“The question that I get all the time is, ‘How come y’all haven’t done it again (made another Sister Act movie)? Everybody else has done it (remakes/sequels),'” Whoopi explained. Then, looking directly into the camera, she pointedly added, “Hey, Disney…!”
The star, who portrayed Sister Mary Clarence, previously reunited with her Sister Act co-stars Kathy Najimy, Wendy Makkena, and Harvey Keitel, and the film’s music supervisor Marc Shaiman, in September, 2017 to celebrate its 25th anniversary, and admitted she would love to reprise the role once more – as long as studio bosses came up with a good script and kept Shaiman onboard.
Disney chiefs have yet to respond to Whoopi’s wish, although in 2015, they unveiled plans to reboot the original movie, about a Las Vegas lounge singer who enters the witness protection programme under the guise of a nun at a church.
In addition to spawning a 1993 sequel, Sister Act was also turned into a hit stage musical, debuting on Broadway in 2011.

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