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Whoopi Goldberg in the dark about U.S. election

The Sister Act star’s New York City home was battered by the post-tropical cyclone, which struck the North East last week (begs29Oct12) and knocked out Goldberg’s electricity.

Americans turned out to the polls on Tuesday to cast their vote in the tight presidential race and the nervous Barack Obama supporter admits she took drastic measures to gather the final results since she had no Internet, TV, or cell phone reception.

Raving about Obama’s re-election during her talk show The View on Wednesday (07Nov12), the 56 year old said, “See I missed all of it (the news coverage) because I still have no power…

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“This is how crazy I am. I couldn’t get a signal in the house so I had to put on a jacket, run outside, do a little tweets, see what people told me and then run back in the house. So I did this all night, and then I thought, ‘You know, you’re too old for this, it’s cold out here, take your black behind in the house and go to bed.’ So I went to bed thinking he (Obama) won but you never know.”

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