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Williams still in touch with first love

The Desperate Housewives stunned fans, friends and even members of her own family with the baby revelation in her newly-published memoirs You Have No Idea, in which she names the ex who impregnated her.

But she’s determined not to vilify her first love, Bruce Hanson, insisting he has become a wonderful person and a father of two.

Appearing on U.S. news show Access Hollywood Live on Friday (20Apr12), Williams reveals her boyfriend was by her side when she had the abortion: “He was wonderful and (now) he’s a father of two, he’s been married to his wife forever. He’s a lovely guy.”

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And to make sure he was OK with her detailing his part in her past in the book, Williams insisted on sending him a copy of everything concerning him before the tome was published: “I sent everybody their pages before we even went to print. I said, ‘Listen, this is what I’m planning; if there’s any questions… and everyone got back their notes’. I wanted to be fair.

“It’s my story and my life and I didn’t want to drag anybody else down.”

Appearing alongside the star on the news show, Williams’ mother and co-author Helen recalled finding her daughter and her first love Hanson getting romantic on the family sofa.

Helen remembered returning home one morning for something she had forgotten and realising someone had cooked breakfast in the house.

She says, “Music was blaring and I went down (to the basement) and realised that two people were there… on the sofa, so I turned off the music, and then it was like, ‘Oh no, mum’s here!'”

Helen called Vanessa’s father and told him to come home, and after a few tense words between father and boyfriend, the singer’s dad lashed out.

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Williams admits her parents were never fond of the boy who eventually impregnated her: “We’d been forbidden to see each other time and time again.”

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