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Woman suing Johnny Depp over alleged concert attack told to identify herself

The unidentified, handicapped concertgoer claims she was beaten and dragged across the floor by members of the movie star’s entourage at an Iggy Pop & the Stooges concert at the Hollywood Palladium.

She filed suit against Depp and promoters Live Nation in April (12), but on Thursday (09Aug12), the actor won a minor victory in court in Los Angeles after the judge overseeing the case agreed with the star that the woman, named as Jane Doe, should be officially named because there were no allegations concerning sexual activity or “other sensitive or private conduct” that courts have recognised as exceptional.

Depp’s lawyers have identified the woman as Robin Eckert.

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The judge also dismissed a claim of negligent infliction of emotional distress because Depp has proved he didn’t have any prior relationship with the woman, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Depp still faces the plaintiff’s assault and battery charges.

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