Woody Harrelson helped Sadie Sink go vegan

Stranger Things actress Sadie Sink was inspired to adopt a vegan diet after hanging out with clean-eating Woody Harrelson and his family.
The 17 year old chose to give up meat at the age of 13, but it was only after working alongside The Hunger Games star in 2017’s The Glass Castle that she decided to ditch all animal products from her plate.
“We did The Glass Castle together and I was already vegetarian, but just kind of being around him and spending time with his family, I was just like, ‘You know what? I could do this,'” she explained on U.S. news show Access Hollywood Live.
Sadie added to Elle.com, “His daughter and I had a three-day sleepover, and the entire time I was with them I felt good about what I was eating, and not like I was missing anything.”
She has since tried to encourage her own loved ones to eat less meat by perfecting her recipe for a butternut squash and spinach lasagna: “It’s my dad’s favourite thing,” she said.
Harrelson previously downplayed his influence on his castmate’s eating habits, noting that while he’ll share his insights if he’s asked, he refuses to be the guy who attempts to change his co-stars.
“I don’t find that people come around to my way of thinking,” he told WENN in 2017. “It’s very hard to talk someone out of a burger if they like burgers. I don’t try to do it but if people ask me about dairy I’ll go on a little dissertation, I’ll get on the stump.
“Otherwise I don’t think there’s any value in lecturing someone about what they’re eating even though I watch people who are literally eating themselves into an early grave and I just want to say, ‘You should not be doing that. Don’t put that into your mouth!’