Yara Shahidi does the robot dance to check her clothes fit


Yara Shahidi thinks dancing is the best way to make sure clothes fit properly.

The Grown-ish star has insisted that comfort is key when it comes to her own personal style, and says she feels happiest when wearing a tracksuit and sandals. But whatever the outfit, Yara will always bust a move to see whether the clothes work for her.

“I do the robot dance in my outfits to see if my clothes are too tight, too loose, too long or too short,” she explained to Us Weekly. “If I can’t do the robot, then I know the look doesn’t fit right.

“The test came from trial and error and I know I love to dance throughout the night, so the robot is a nice, concise dance move that I don’t have to look too crazy doing while trying stuff on!”

Though the 18-year-old is a fan of casual dress, and admitted she brings a pair of sneakers to every red carpet event she attends, she still enjoys getting glammed up and is always keep to mix up her looks.

“I like a nice, natural face and when we experiment I like keeping the elements that I love the same, but then having some fun with it. Rather than taking it too seriously, it’s like, ‘Why not do a geometric line on my eye?’ Or one time we lined my lips with silver and did a top knot of curls,” she smiled. “It’s those kinds of things that really allow me to feel like I’m not changing who I am, but just playing with it.”

The actress generally has an “anything goes” approach to fashion, and described herself as “trend adjacent because that way trends can never end and they’re more everlasting.”

However, Yara believes there is one major style sin.

“Unless it’s cultural appropriation, I’m generally like, ‘Cool, do your thing!'” she insisted.