Yara Shahidi stopped following the news because it gave her ‘nightmares’


Yara Shahidi had to switch off the news because she found it “overwhelming”.

The Grown-ish star opened up about the current social and political climate in an interview with British Vogue. And the star, who is one of 15 women labeled ‘Forces for Change’ in the fashion bible’s September (2019) issue, confessed keeping up to date with the state of the world started giving her “nightmares”.

“I have gone through cycles of saying that I wasn’t going to pay attention (to the news) just because it was overwhelming,” she shared. “I was literally falling asleep to political podcasts and wondering why I was having nightmares.

“But in those moments of going the other way, I saw how important it is to find that happy middle ground. I don’t like floating through the world and not knowing what’s happening.”

The 19-year-old, who founded the We Vote Next initiative, which is focused on “how politics relates to each person in their community”, revealed she forces herself to stay up to date, and spoke in favor of celebrities who use their platforms to champion positive change.

“There is a lot of political jargon, a lot of assumptions that you have time to go through multiple news sources… we have to simplify it, just to make sure everyone understands basic structures,” the Black-ish actress continued. “I’m really lucky that I have so many peers that are politically active and are such voices and I’m grateful that now that this platform is taking off (I will be) able to hand it to other delegates.”