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Zayn Malik’s performance anxiety fuelled by dancing fears

Zayn Malik’s decision to cancel his debut solo tour was fuelled by his reluctance to dance.
Last year (16), the former One Direction star’s anxiety issues caused him to cancel gigs in London, Dubai, and Japan.
Now, Zayn has explained that his reluctance to perform live was partially caused by his difficulties figuring out what to do on stage as he can’t dance.
“Like, there were a lot of upbeat dance (songs on the album), and I don’t dance, so it would have required a lot of extra dancers and stuff going on, and I don’t necessarily want to do that,” he told Billboard magazine.
Zayn’s fear of dancing almost ended his pop career before it began, as he nearly quit The X Factor, the U.K. TV talent contest that discovered One Direction, after being asked to dance.
The Pillowtalk hitmaker, who is dating supermodel Gigi Hadid, added that he will tour to support his second album, as he worked out what he wants to do when playing live during a recording session with producer Rob Cavallo.
“It definitely helped identify in my own mind where I want to be as an entertainer,” he shared. “For a long time, I’ve struggled with, ‘Where is Zayn as a performer?’ I don’t want (my show) to be too eccentric or out there, because I’m not that kind of ­personality. I’m quite a reserved person, and I feel like (his work during that session) sort of fits me and what I want to do onstage.”
The 24-year-old also confessed he rarely talks to his old One Direction bandmates since quitting the band in March 2015 and has previously spoken about the frustration he felt during his time with the group.
However, he doesn’t want fans to think he ditched his pop roots due to arrogance, adding, “I don’t do things that I wouldn’t buy into. I try to explain that to people and hope that they understand – it doesn’t come from a place of being arrogant or above anything.”

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