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Zendaya brushes off Grammys mullet hair critics

Singer/actress Zendaya has no regrets about rocking a mullet at the 2016 Grammy Awards, insisting she pays little attention to fashion critics.
The former Disney star turned heads as she walked the red carpet at music’s big night last week (15Feb16) after topping off her smart suit attire with a mullet, which featured short, blonde locks in the front and long and ombre hair in the back.
Her daring look didn’t win her many fans on social media, but the 19-year-old insists she didn’t pick the hairstyle to impress others.
“Some would say the mullet didn’t work out,” she tells Elle.com. “But, to me, they were talking about it, so I’d say it worked out.”
Zendaya, who has already established herself as a young style icon in recent years, claims she doesn’t listen to critics because the way she dresses is an expression of her creativity.
“I think we can’t allow ourselves to get caught up in other people’s opinions of ourselves because then we’re never going to progress, we’re never going to go forward,” she continues. “So we’ve got to be real. We’ve got to do what we want to do even if people don’t like it.”
Zendaya, who was unveiled as the new face of CoverGirl cosmetics in January (16) and recently signed on as a celebrity ambassador for CHI hairstyling products, certainly is no stranger to dividing opinions with her red carpet styles – at the 2015 Oscars, American talk show host Giuliana Rancic found herself embroiled in controversy after making a remark about the dreadlocks Zendaya sported to the prestigious Hollywood prizegiving, with many people criticising the 41-year-old Fashion Police co-host for what they perceived to be a racist comment.
Rancic apologised for offending viewers.

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