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Zeta-Jones & Douglas’ son has dyslexia

The actor recently revealed he and wife Catherine Zeta-Jones moved to New York so the 10 year old could attend a specific school.

He said, “New York is where we live now. We lived in Bermuda until last September. One of our kids has some special needs and it was recommended he go to a special school in the New York area.”

And now Douglas has confirmed Dylan has dyslexia.

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He tells Britain’s The Guardian, “Neither of us is overwhelmed with worry about which school or college they are going to be going to. We just want them to be good citizens of the planet. They’re not spoiled or obnoxious. They’re well-mannered, confident, pretty worldly.

“My son deals with dyslexia to a degree – it runs in the family and my brother has it. He goes to a special school. We’re old-fashioned parents, they’ve got British nannies and we get nice compliments from people. Our children make us proud.”

The couple is also parents to a daughter, Carys, seven.

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