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Zoe Kravitz wants to work with mum and dad

Zoe Kravitz is looking for a new film project she can turn into a family affair with her mum and dad.
The young actress is keen to work with Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, and wouldn’t mind turning her production debut into something she can make with her famous folks.
“I would love to produce and write and I’ve just started a collective with a group of friends of mine, who I think are really talented, where we could write a script together,” she tells WENN. “I have so many friends who are artists and actors and writers, directors and I think, ‘Why aren’t we making things together?’
“I’ve never worked with my parents before and I would love to. It’s never really been a serious conversation. I’ve got my own stuff right now and they’ve got their own stuff going on…”
Lisa and Lenny became parents to Zoe in 1988, months into their six-year marriage, which ended in 1993. Mum has enjoyed success on TV in The Cosby Show and on the big screen in films like Angel Heart, while rocker Lenny impressed with film roles in The Hunger Games franchise and Precious.
And Zoe has her dad’s passion for rock as well – she’s currently working on her second album with band Lolawolf, which she started “a couple of years ago” with “two friends of mine”.
“I sing and I write the music,” the 27-year-old smiles. “I don’t write in a diary or anything, so songwriting is like a diary for me. It’s a big release. It keeps me sane. What inspires me is being alive and I don’t think it takes much more than that.
“I don’t overthink it too much. I’m not trying to write music that’s a hit or just get on the radio.”
Asked to sum up the music she creates with her band, Zoe adds, “I don’t like describing it. People have called it electronic R&B and that works for me.”

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