Zoe Saldana was ‘stunted out’ after Guardians of the Galaxy sequel jumps


Actress Zoe Saldana struggled to keep her cool as she filmed big jumps for the new Guardians Of The Galaxy sequel because was convinced she was going to die.

The Avatar star reprises her role as former assassin Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and although the mother-of-three was hooked up to safety wires and surrounded by padded surfaces for the soaring stunts, her fear of heights became too much for her to bear.

“If you’re told to jump 30 feet and you have a wire and your wire has no tension and you’re free-falling, you’re gonna be afraid of heights too!” she exclaimed on Good Morning America.

Zoe admitted she had a tough time focusing on keeping a straight face during the shoot and she often blurted out expletives in her native Spanish.

“(After you jump), you’re thinking something went wrong, and you’re thinking it’s over – you forget to speak English!” she laughed. “You’re just supposed to look cool while you’re falling, that’s it, and that’s a lot to act! And I couldn’t do it. (I did) two (free falls). I couldn’t do more than that, I was like, ‘I’m stunted out!'”


Zoe had good reason to leave the more daring sequences to her stunt double as she is mum to twin boys Cy and Bowie, who were just one years old at the time of production last year (16). The star and her husband, Italian artist Marco Perego, have since welcomed another son, little Zen, whose arrival was announced in February (17).

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