Zooey Deschanel will no longer wear high heels


Zooey Deschanel has opened up about her decision to stop wearing high heels.

The New Girl actress is known for her eclectic ensembles, often stepping out in printed dresses which are paired with cute purses and accessories.

However, don’t expect to see Zooey in stilettos anytime soon, as she has made a conscious choice to shun heels and instead stick to her favourite flats.

“I used to wear a lot of high heels and one day I said, ‘No, my feet can’t handle this anymore. I don’t like this,'” she said in an interview with Parade.com. “I’m perfectly happy and I feel stylish wearing flat shoes now. So it’s just different ways of looking at things, but I think it starts with being comfortable in your own skin.”

Zooey went on to talk about how she wants her children, three-year-old daughter Elsie and son Charlie, 22 months, who she shares with husband Jacob Pechenik, to feel free to be able to embrace their own sense of style. That’s also partly why she signed on to be a Crocs ambassador and star in the U.S. footwear brand’s new Come As You Are marketing imagery.

“As the mother of a daughter, it’s one of these things I think about in a different way now.

Everywhere you look there are messages saying, ‘You don’t look like this,’ and ‘If you don’t look like this then you’re not…’ We had such a great time taking all the photographs and putting together all of the outfits for this campaign,” the 39-year-old insisted.

In the Crocs campaign, Zooey models the brand’s iconic Classic Clog, as well as the new Swiftwater and Crocband flip flop.

The Hollywood star is joined by Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer and international celebrities Gina Jin, Kim Se-Jeong and Suzu Hirose in the campaign.