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Gulfport Movie Theaters: A Complete Guide

It’s time to go to the movies and enjoy all the latest new movie releases out now in theaters!

In Gulfport, Mississippi, there are so many local movie theaters near you to choose from that it can be hard to know where to start. Just searching “movie theaters near me” is overwhelming AF––what’s the difference between one theater and another? Is it worth the trek across town to go to one local movie theater with reclining seats versus the one around the corner? Do I want to ball out and get drinks served at my seat, or keep it chill at an independent movie theater with drinks and unique food offerings? With over five movie theaters within the Gulfport and Biloxi area, it’s no wonder you don’t know where to start!

Don’t worry, we’re here to help make your decision easier. We’ve narrowed it down to 5 of our favorite local movie theaters in Gulfport to help you make the most of your Gulfport movie theater experience.

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Grab some movie theater popcorn and get comfy as we dive into our Gulfport movie theater guide!


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Gulfport Movie Theaters: Cinemark 16

Cinemark 16 is located in the Crossroads Center shopping mall, making this Gulfport movie theater a prime option to catch a new movie after a long day of shopping. This Cinemark theater proves one of the best options in the area for any movie lover, whether they’re excited for the newest action blockbuster or interested in catching a lesser-known indie flick. The theater’s exterior gives it an incredibly official appearance, which always makes catching a new movie in theaters just that much more exciting.

Multiple Google reviewers complimented how comfortable each theater within the complex is, with one reviewer even saying the reclining seats are “some of the best I have ever sat on.”

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“The comfort level of the theater is really the star of this establishment,” writes reviewer C DeLoach on Google. “Perfect stereo equipment and never any hiccups with the projectors and no sounds leeching in from surrounding theaters leaves you immersed in choice of film.”

Cinemark 16

15171 Crossroads Pkwy

Gulfport, MS 39503

View Cinemark 16 movie showtimes and buy movie tickets here.

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Gulfport Movie Theaters: The Grand D’Iberville

Okay, so The Grand D’Iberville is not technically located in Gulfport or Biloxi, but it’s just up the street in D’Iberville. The Grand offers one of the best moviegoing experiences in the entire area — it’s even located on a street called Cinema Drive!

The Grand offers exciting “flashback” showings for classic films! Moviegoers can relive classics like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade in the theater and introduce younger cinema lovers to blockbusters of the past at the same time. There are at least 10 films showing at any given time, so you will always have a variety of movies to choose from. Google reviewers report that The Grand hosts an arcade and bar within, so whether you’re hoping to play a few games before showtime or enjoy a drink with the film, this theater should have you covered.

One Google reviewer complimented how well the theater’s management handled a situation with their child, who has a sensory processing disorder:

“My husband and I took our SPD child to a movie today,” this reviewer wrote. “We knew going in he may get overstimulated and upset. We were prepared to eat the ticket cost if needed. He did get very upset, so we went to leave. The manager stopped us and said don’t leave yet let’s turn it down and see if that works. We tried it and it didn’t work. So we went to leave and she stopped us again and was going to do a full refund. I ask if we could do a rain check for a later date. She gladly gave us one. I can’t thank them enough for their kindness and understanding!”

Sounds like great management at The Grand! You’ll be in great hands should you choose to check out a new movie in theaters there.

The Grand D’Iberville

11470 Cinema Dr

D’Iberville, MS 39540

View The Grand D’Iberville movie showtimes and buy tickets here.

Gulfport Movie Theaters: Seabee Cinema

Seabee Cinema is located within Gulfport’s Naval Construction Battalion Center, which hosts U.S. Naval Construction Battalions, better known as Seabees. The theater is affectionately named after the Construction Battalion homonym and nickname, making the Seabee a convenient option for military personnel stationed on the base or those who live in the immediate area.

Seabee Cinema’s tickets come at an affordable price, too — regular showings cost only $4 for adults and $2 for children. Should you want to see a 3D movie, that ticket price rises only one dollar! The theater only opens on weekends and is available to book for private showings for private groups, whether affiliated with the military base or not.

Seabee Cinema

5510 CBC 8th Street

Gulfport, MS 39501

View Seabee Cinema movie showtimes and buy tickets here.

Gulfport Movie Theaters: Biloxi Premiere LUX Cine & Pizza Pub

Located in Biloxi, this theater boasts a modern and casual interior design and stadium seating with eye-catching red reclining seats in each theater. Movie fans can catch a film in relaxing and stylish fashion — and the prices aren’t too shabby, either! Ten dollars is the most an adult will have to pay to see a movie at this Premiere Cinema location, and that’s only for evening showings on the weekends.

As the name suggests, this theater sells delicious pizza and has a bar within, too — you can get a full meal with your movie! One Google reviewer said sometimes they visit just to eat and drink and forego the movie aspect of this theater entirely. We hope you choose to see a movie, too, but hey, if it’s the best food around, it’s the best food around.

“Beautiful theater. Very impressive. Everything you could ever want,” one reviewer writes. “Free refills on everything, self-serve popcorn and butter, powered seats for reclining, the sound for the film was turned up good and loud, just how you want to experience a movie in theaters. So many theaters don’t turn their volume up enough, and it’s too quiet during slow parts of a film, and all you hear is people’s candy wrappers, drinks, and chatter. They got everything right here. The staff was great also. Textbook professional.”

Biloxi Premiere LUX Cine & Pizza Pub

2588 Beach Blvd

Biloxi, MS 39531

View Biloxi Premiere LUX Cine & Pizza Pub movie showtimes and purchase tickets here.

Gulfport Movie Theaters: Welch Theater

Another military base movie theater! Welch Theater is located within Biloxi’s Keesler Air Force Base and sits just minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. It features classic, old-school auditorium seating in its one theater and a no-fuss, basic concessions stand. The prices are hard to beat, though: adults pay $6.50 for a regular showing and $7.00 for a first-run showing of a new movie release.

One Google reviewer recalled his experience visiting the Welch all the way back in 1969 — it looks like this theater has been providing military members and residents with the escapism only a big screen can provide for a long time!

“In 1969, I was enduring a period of active duty in the Colorado Air National Guard, made necessary by my precarious draft status and my disinclination to go to Vietnam,” this reviewer writes. “During this otherwise colorless and boring 10 months, I made use of this theater several afternoons a week as an escape from disagreeable reality. I am certain that it has served this same function for thousands more over the years.  So I give it four stars.”

Welch Theater

Galaxy St., Bldg 7408, Keesler Air Force Base

MS 39534, Biloxi, MS 39530

View Welch Theater movie showtimes and purchase tickets here.

We hope this rundown of some of our favorite Gulfport movie theaters inspires you to go out and see all of the latest new movies out now in theaters.

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