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‘The Forever Purge’ Feels Surprisingly True to Real Life

Hey, Hollywooders! What’s Good in the ‘Wood?

I just got back from seeing The Forever Purge, one of the many new movie releases out now in movie theaters.

I took a look at theaters near me to compare movie showtimes and settled on going to the 8:00 p.m. movie showtime at the AMC theater near me. This specific AMC near me is in the Fashion District of Philadelphia and is an essential theater in the city. It’s brand new, super clean, and has plenty of food and drinks (it even has a bar!) I couldn’t have asked for a better theater to see The Forever Purge in. If you want to learn about the AMC Theater in the Fashion District or any other essential theater in Philly, check out our Philadelphia Movie Theaters Guide. 

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Ever since the original Purge movie was released in 2013, audiences everywhere have enjoyed this dystopian horror franchise on the big screen. I personally have not seen a Purge movie since the first one, so I was excited to see what the film had in store for fans. With my buttery popcorn in one hand and soda in the other, I was ready to witness some anarchy. 

Watch the trailer for The Forever Purge here: 

The Forever Purge: What is it about?

Directed by Everardo Valerio Gout, the film takes place in a small Texas town following people in the town preparing for the impending purge. Main characters Adela (Ana de la Reguera) and her husband Juan (Tenoch Huerta) have recently immigrated to the United States and work with Dylan (Josh Lucas) and Cassie (Cassidy Freeman) on their farm. Tensions are high as the annual purge commences, but when morning comes around, everything is seemingly safe as normalcy is restored for the next year. What the townspeople don’t know is that the purge is here to stay. A masked gang of terrorists continue to attack the town and the whole county, forcing these families to work together to escape the chaos. 

The Forever Purge felt surprisingly real

While I love to see explosions and action on the screen, there was another aspect of the movie that I loved: the representation. It was refreshing to watch a film that supports Mexican characters on screen and lets audiences hear their stories. I think the film did a great job of depicting the racism that people of color encounter in America but also showing their perseverance through it all. At times, the movie felt very close to real life, but that is the horror of it.

Either way, I highly recommend seeing The Forever Purge in theaters. Before you watch the film, see what others thought of it!

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What other people thought about The Forever Purge

One person compared The Forever Purge to an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, and honestly, they’re not wrong. 

Again, we are here for the SpongeBob memes.

We are also here for the Native Pride energy!

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Ellis was brave enough to see The Forever Purge ALONE. Bravo.

John Squires of Bloody Disgusting thinks this is the scariest of all The Purge movies, calling its premise “distressingly real” in 2021.

Jacob Hall of SlashFilm seemingly agreed, calling the film “chilling” when considering today’s political climate.

One user said the whole experience of seeing The Forever Purge in theaters made them giddy. 

If you want to see The Forever Purge at a theater near you, check out AMC movie showtimes here. 

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