‘1 Angry Black Man’ opens an important discussion in Trailer

Every now and then a movie comes out and thanks to events that transpire around, it makes it an even more important piece of culture than before.

‘1 Angry Black Man’ is exactly that.

Mike Anderson (Keith Stone) is a college student who is weeks away from graduating. He’s the picturesque looking student, and then, he’s wrongfully arrested. He returns to school and his African-American Literature class where he is sad, isolated, confused, and angry. He doesn’t understand why he was arrested and uses this time to open up a dialogue about what happened and more importantly, how to move on and help others grow from his experience.

It’s a movie I wish didn’t have to get made but will hopefully answer questions and give some comfort in these times.


‘1 Angry Black Man’ releases tomorrow, June 4, 2020, on VOD