5 Stars Dressed Like ‘Finding Dory’ Characters

Ellen DeGeneres isn’t the only celebrity on the whole Finding Dory train. It’s clear that the love of Dory transcends all barriers. While the daytime TV talk-show host might know a thing (or a million things) about voicing everyone’s favorite forgetful Disney/Pixar animated character, she has legions of competition when it comes to adopting Dory (and co.’s) style.

From Dory’s signature “natural blue” hue to the orange and white stripes that distinguish Nemo and Marlin, some of your favorite stars are taking cues from The Big Blue. Dory, Nemo, and even some of their new aquatic friends from the Disney sequel serve as fashion inspiration for red carpet events!

Check out 5 stars dressed like Finding Dory!

Wenn / DIsney

Orange isn't the only color this Orange Is the New Black star looks good in.

Victoria Justice as Nemo & Marlin
Wenn / DIsney
Not everyone can pull off orange, let alone orange and white stripes, but this former Nickelodeon star rocks it.
Beyoncé as Hank
Wenn / DIsney
Never did we ever think we'd compare a photo of Queen Bey with an octopus, but the resemblance is uncanny.
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Dove Cameron as Bailey
Wenn / DIsney
And what's more, this Disney Channel star is just as bubbly as her marine counterpart.
Wenn / DIsney

SMG totally nailed her impression of Nemo's under-the-water professor.

Which Finding Dory style moment is your favorite? Comment below!