10 X-Men/Teams That Need Their Own Movies

With every Avenger getting their own movie (including the utterly lame Ant-Man) and Quicksilver in contention for both The Avengers: Age of Ultron and X-Men: Days of Future Past, it seems ridiculous that there aren’t more X-Men movies. It’s a no brainer.  The world is ripe with characters, so why not cash in, Fox?!? However, because of some dubious management by Bryan Singer a lot of X-Men were introduced then not used. Colossus (Daniel Cudmore) is a character with a ton of possibly storylines. He was introduced but only given a total of 3 lines over the course of two films. Here are 10 possible X-Men characters and teams that could use their own movie. 

1. Psylocke

Psylocke, MarvelMarvel

Character: A psychic with the ability to create telepathic knifes and telekinetic katana swords.

The Movie: Betsy Braddock is a blind British psychic who lost her eyes in a fight with a fellow mutant. She is kidnapped by The Hand, a legion of Japanese assassins, and her body switched with Kwannon, a gifted assassin.

Why: Psylocke is one of the hottest X-Men and this origin story could be like a super-powered Kill Bill  revenge tale.

2. X-Factor (Government Agency)

X-Factor Government Agency, MarvelMarvel

Team: A team of mutants gets formed by the government to deal with mutant issues. Some members include Polaris, a green-haired beauty with the powers of Magneto, Forge, a man with the power to control machinery, and Shard, a computer program from the future.

The Movie: In the wake of the events of the various X-Men films, a government agency enlists the help of some mutants. They take on a mysterious mutant enemy (choose any X-men ally or villain). However, is their biggest enemy the government?

Why: It’s unclear as of yet how X-Men: Days of Future Past will leave the fate of mutants with the government. However, the end of X-Men: The Last Stand had Beast (Kelsey Grammer) in a government position and X-Men: First Class showed the inherent interest in a mutant government team. It would be easy to create a team in the same universe that dealt with different problems. 

3. X-Factor (Detective Agency)

X-Factor Detective Agency, MarvelMarvel

Team: Madrox the Multiple Man is a man whose deepest insecurities and personality flaws can take shape in duplicates of himself. He forms a detective agency to handle the issues of Mutant Town, a small neighborhood in NYC.

The Movie: A noir style detective with a snarky inner monologue. Madrox forms the team including Strong Guy, a guido with super strength, Wolfsbane, a Christian werewolf, and Siryn, his main squeeze, a woman with a sonic scream.

Why: This imprint of the comic was a definite genre shift. It allows for super-powered action while also playing with old time movie conventions. 

4. Longshot

Longshot, MarvelMarvel

Character: Longshot is a mutant with the power to control luck.

The Movie: Longshot must traverse an alternate dimension where reality TV has become a form of government under the control of slave master, Mojo. He falls for Dazzler a mutant pop star with the power to turn sound into light lasers that could wound, hypnotize, and blast.

Why: Given the success of The Hunger Games, it wouldn’t be too far off for a Longshot movie to be successful. Plus, who wouldn’t want a sexy blond actor like Austin Butler, Chord Overstreet, or even Alexander Skarsgård to join the ranks of the X-Universe. 

5. New Mutants

New Mutants, MarvelMarvel

Team: The sophomore class of X-Men. Members include Cannonball, who can blast imperviously through the air, Mirage, a Vietnamese girl that can possess people and Mirage, a Native American girl that could manifest your worst fears in corporeal mirages.

The Movie: Under the tutelage of Magneto, the young mutant team is formed not understanding their leader’s ulterior motives. The must figure out where their allegiances lie. 

Why: It would be nice to have an X-Movie that actually focuses on the school environment and showcases young mutants enjoying their powers. 

6. X-Force

X-Force, MarvelMarvel

Team: Under the leadership of the super-psychic Cable, this team of militiristic mutants takes on edgier vilains. Some members include the luck manipulating Domino, cat-like Feral, and and super-fighter Shatterstar and Rictor, a mutant with seismic abilities.

The Movie: Cable forms a group of young mutants to take a more militiristic approach to mutant rights. 

Why: As edgy as Wolverine can be, it’d be nice to have an anti-hero approach to super-powered people that do needs has to get done. 

7. Mr. Sinister & The Maurauders

Mister Sinister, Mauraders, MarvelMarvel

Character: Mr. Sinister is a genius doctor obsessed with genetic mutation and has a legion of super powered followers. 

The Movie: The enigmatic mutant doctor forms a team comprised of young mutants and clones and uses them in his obsession with creating a super mutant. 

Why: To date, no super villain has had their own movie. 

8. Young X-Men

Young X-Men, MarvelMarvel

Team: This group of mutants is made up of Dust, a Muslim girl that can turn into sand, Anole, a gay teen with lizard-like features who can regrow limbs, and Rockslide, a boy made of rocks. 

The Movie: A group of young mutants battle a religious leader obsessed with destroying their race. They unite with their unique abilities to save their race. 

Why: This team has the largest number of new X-Men currently in the comics, and it’s recent enough that the characters can have fit into any storyline, and the possible religious angle is a fresh approach. 

9. Generation X

Generation X, MarvelMarvel

Team: A group of mutants taught by the White Queen including fan favorite Jubilee, Penance, an autistic girl with diamond hard skin and claws, a boy with cosmic energy in his chest (Chamber), a girl that could rip off her skin to reveal surprises underneath (Husk), and a Latin teen with extra stretchy skin.

The Movie: Emplate, a mutant who feeds on other mutants starts hunting after his sisters M and Penance. They meet a group of young mutants that help them ward off their brother. 

Why: The team was already the subject of a TV movie with a cult folowing. All the characters are contained into one family group would make it easy to tell the story without too much exposition. Not to mention it’s the most racially diverse team of X-Men. 

10.  Morlocks

Morlocks, MarvelMarvel

Team: An entire underground community of mutants that live underneath the sewers lead by Callisto and her awesome eyepatch. 

The Movie:  Humans discover the underground world and the mutants must defend themselves. 

Why: We’ve established humans hate and fear mutants but haven’t explored it on-screen.