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11 Prequel Moments That Make Every ‘Star Wars’ Fan Cringe

Although a lot of people are pretty excited for the new Star Wars: The Force Awakensthere are some that are trying to contain their excitement. After all, many fans have been burned before by Star Wars with the prequels and would rather forget they ever happened. But what exactly do they have against the prequels? Here are 11 prequel moments that will make every Star Wars fan cringe.

1. Every Jar Jar Binks scene


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This terrible character was supposed to be comic relief, but most fans didn’t find him funny. Our suspension of disbelief also couldn’t prepare audiences for when he actually became a Senator.

2. Darth Vadar screaming “Nooooo!”


Instead of this scene being emotional like George Lucas probably intended, it came off as silly. It was one of the many lines in the prequels that shows Lucas isn’t very good at writing dialogue.

3. The midi-chlorian scene
For a while “the force” was sort of a mystery. But the prequels decided to explain it by saying midi-chlorians are microscopic organisms that are in everything and are what is responsible for the Force. Many fans find this explanation to be really lame.

4. Anakin Skywalker as a kid

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mandym394: Awwwwwkward. Tumblr/Lucasfilm

People hated young Anakin so much that it made the actor, Jake Llyod quit acting due to bullying. “When you have something like that there’s a lot of expectations for it to meet the standards of the public and I don’t think George did that,” Jake told Daily Mail.

5. The Galatic Senate

star wars animated GIF Giphy/Lucasfilm

No one watches Star Wars in hopes to hear about politics and taxes. Sadly the prequels were built on that and involved boring scenes with the Senate.

6. “Hold me like you did by the lake on Naboo”

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myshipperheart: Don’t do this. Don’t shut me out. Let me help you. Hold me. Like you did by the lake on Naboo. So long ago, when there was nothing but our love. No politics, no plotting, no war. Tumblr/Lucasfilm

This line alone makes fan cringe because of the dialogue. But throughout the movies the two had very little chemistry, and Anakin often came off like a stalker.

7. Qui-Gon’s death


Some find it really unbelievable that Obi-Wan couldn’t find a way to save Qui-Gon. You’d think a trained Jedi would be fast enough to stop this from happening.

8. Samuel Jackson being wasted


This casting choice was pretty exciting, but sadly we mostly saw his character talking rather than fighting. If you’re going to hire a bad ass like this actor, prepare to use him correctly!

9. The droid battle


This scene wasn’t effective for two reasons. One, the entire scene was CGI which wasn’t interesting and played into the second reason. Two, there is no emotional investment in these battles because one half of it is fought entirely by drones.

10. Aliens with racist accents


Jaws were dropped when they heard different aliens have Asian accents and more. It made the franchise feel as though it was playing out stereotypes that were never a part of the earlier movies.

11. Anakin building C-3PO


There is no reason to include this into the movie or try to make all of the characters know each other. However they did and it led to C-3PO acting very differently in the prequels than he does later.

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