These Are The Worst Superhero Films Of All-Time

Word is out! Suicide Squad is a lemon no matter how you look at it. Still, despite the terrible plot, ridiculous CGI and often questionable acting, the Squad still might slay the box office.This isn’t the first time we’ve see a lackluster superhero film. These are the worst superhero films of all time.

The electric chemistry between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield can't save 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' from its terribly written villains and dull subplots.
With 'X-Men: The Last Stand,' Brett Ratner took over directing duties from Bryan Singer and sent the franchise into a tail sping. Perhaps killing off nearly every fan-favorite character wasn't the best move for the series.
The only thing worse than Daredevil's slick, leathery jumpsuit is the awful fight choreography.
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People pretty much had it in for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice before it even got to theaters. Though it was aggressively overblown and way too long, it was still fun to watch at times... we just wouldn't watch it more than once.
It's better than the original 'Fantastic Four,' but not by much. 'Rise of the Silver Surfer' is an empty-headed sequel that doesn't make great use of the source material.
Not only is Wolverine's first solo outing a disappointing, shlocky mess, it wasted so many potentially great mutants.
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Laughably bland and dull, 'Fantastic Four' turns Marvel's first family into a snoozefest.
Looking back, we're almost positive that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were on a one-couple mission to destroy superhero films forever.
Despite an honest effort from Ang Lee, 'Hulk' was moody mess that suffered from rubbery looking CGI and a poorly conceived story.
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Despite the promise of the first two entries in the series, 'Blade: Trinity' is a toothless misfire.
Joel Schumacher's worst inclinations are on display in 'Batman Forever,' but this film's ineptitude is only a shadow of what's to come later on the list...
After two wonderful predecessors, 'Spider-Man 3' wastes its potential with a plot stuffed with too many villains, too many story threads, and too much black eye-liner.
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Not even the usually wonderful Josh Brolin can save this ridiculous comic book western. We'd rather die of dysentery than watch this one again.
The Ghost Rider character by himself is ridiculous enough. Add in Nicholas Cage, and you're just asking for a disaster.
'Spawn' spends so much time brooding, it almost becomes a parody of itself by the film's end.
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Between Shaq's mush-mouthed dialogue and a script that spends so much of its running time winking at the audience, it might be having an seizure, 'Steel' is both a film and a sports tragedy.
By the fourth film in the series, excitement for the original Superman films was running on fumes. 'Superman IV' looks cheap and feels like a franchise praying to be put out of its misery.
Putting a legendary comic book creator behind the camera should be a recipe for success right? Nope, Frank Miller's passion for the source material translates on screen, but the first time director forgot to actually entertain the audience.
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Despite all of Ryan Reynold's earnest effort and a strong performance from Mark Strong, 'Green Lantern' is a silly, mishandled jumble that lacks the imagination of the comic book series.
The hype surrounding Suicide Squad was pretty much unparalleled, which is what made it's fall seem so crushing. With a shoe-string plot, massive cast and questionable acting, the fast pace nature left people feeling restlessness and discontent. It was dreadful!
Fans of Fantastic Four had high hopes for this 2015 reboot after the lukewarm reception of the original live-action film back in 2o05. And yet, 2015's Fantastic Four managed to be even more abysmal. With a dull pace, questionable acting and no plot, Marvel could have kept their reboot!
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Fresh off her Oscar win, Halle Berry starred in a muddled and embarrassing comic book film with no respect for the source material.
After one ghastly attempt at a Ghost Rider film, you'd have thought the studio would have known better. However, five years after the original they chose to put Nicholas Cage back on a motorcycle. As a result, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was plagued with poor CGI, terrible writing and a tragic performance by Cage. Basically, the only thing decent about the film was Idris Elba.
'Batman & Robin' is the snowy summit of comic book terribleness. It's campy, illogical, ridiculous, and just about killed Batman on film for nearly a decade.