2016 Was So Terrible That Someone Just Made A Horror Movie Trailer For It

This time last year we all raised our glasses of champagne and swore that 2016 was going to be the best year yet. Boy, were we wrong. The year pretty much played out like a real-life version of The Twilight Zone with a little Final Destination, Black Mirror and The Purge thrown in for good measure. It had so much promise. What happened?

Someone recognized the fact that 2016 was basically a flaming pile of hot garbage and created a fake trailer for what seems like a very real horror movie called “2016: The Movie.”

The film starts out with the bevy of 2016’s tragic celebrity deaths including Prince and David BowieThen one of the protagonists exclaims in a very afraid and concerned manner, “Guys, they shot a gorilla!” (let’s take a moment of silence for Harambe). It continues with exploding Samsung phones and Brexit (“England just left Europe,” “Why?” “Nobody knows. They just…left.”), then finishes up with Trump’s presidency.

If this were a real horror movie, we’d totally see it. Unfortunately, it’s just our lives.

Checkout the trailer above. How creepy does the film look?