’21 Jump Street’ Set Secrets: Jonah Hill On What Channing Tatum’s Mouth Feels Like

Jonah Hill Channing Tatum 21 Jump Street High SchoolIt’s no secret that Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum formed a sacred best friend bond while on the set of their new comedy 21 Jump Street, but Hollywood.com was lucky enough to witness this almost brotherly love firsthand on the New Orleans set. 

When we arrived at the New Orleans area high school where the action romp was being filmed, Tatum refused to shake hands – but not because he’s rude. He had a good reason. “I’d shake your hands, but I’m about to put mine in Jonah’s mouth,” he said. Yes, you read that right. As it turns out, the hilarious duo was about to shoot one of the film’s most hilarious scenes: one in which they try to force each other to throw up by triggering each other’s gag reflexes. (Don’t worry, we’ve got the clip below.) 
The actors may have intrepidly faced this scene in the name of great comedy, but they were cautious to practice safety for the hand-in-mouth shot. “Yeah. We had these cups filled with Listerine that we were dipping our hands into like surgeons. To constantly make sure the other person know our hands were clean,” said Hill. Still, before the scene got started, Hill did take a moment to shake hands with the journalists on set – let’s hope he had another Listerine bath before the filming got underway. 
But what everyone really wants to know is, how did it feel? The friendly pair offered their assessments candidly: “gushy” and “sweat.” Hill got some flack for that sweat comment, but who’s going to take a moment to test that theory? Let’s leave the mouth-fingering to the professionals.
21 Jump Street hits theaters March 16 and for our full interview with Tatum and Hill, check out our set visit report.