Does ’22 Jump Street’ Look as Clever as the Surprise Hit in Red Band Trailer?

22 Jump Street, TrailerMOVIECLIPS Trailers/YouTube

Nobody expected 21 Jump Street to be funny. The film was a surprise reimagining of an ’80s cop drama that nobody really ever talked about anymore. It starred an Apatow regular who everyone was kind of getting sick of and a dancing hunk that nobody knew could land a joke. But lo and behold, the 2012 comedy was damn good. But will22 Jump Street, the upcoming sequel, hit the same marks?

The red band trailer doesn’t assure us either way. On the one hand, there is a unique gift inherent in this film series: the ability to do the same thing we loved over again but in a way that feels not only fresh, but sensible (after high school comes college, naturally). But we can’t help but wonder if a movie that relied so much on one-off gags and a shocking, youthful energy can reproduce all that in a Round 2. The red band trailer has its share of self-referential jabs and goofy jokes, and will probably introduce a handful of quotable lines as did its predecessor. But in watching the video, we feel a looming sense of dread. A stale atmosphere as Nick Offerman lambasts Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, now set to play undercover cops at a local university.

Will it be funny? Very possible. Will it be a dud? A tad more possible. Check out the trailer and judge for yourself.