2nd Trailer For Emma Watson’s ‘The Circle’ Is Creepy AF


People love being connected, but how far is too far? Can you be too connected?


In Europa’s new film ‘The Circle’, Mae (Emma Watson) was at a dead end job that she hated. She applied for a job at big time tech company The Circle and managed to get the job. She performed well, loved her coworkers, her CEO (Tom Hanks) seems great and forward thinking, and Annie (Karen Gillan) even managed to get some help for her father (Bill Paxton) who suffers from MS (that she never told people about).

That’s when things go south.  The Circle has cameras everywhere, and now they are constantly watching them. Mae’s Boyfriend Mercer (Ellar Coltrane) sees this, and so does coworker Kalden (John Boyega). Mae has to answer the important question, how much is too much? How much control is too much control?


The Circle releases in theaters on April 28, 2017.