Beware Of These 3 Frightening Animated Christmas Characters

Mickey's Christmas CarolDisney 

Just because something’s animated doesn’t always make it kid friendly, even if it’s a Christmas theme. In fact, some animated characters are frightening. Beware of these Christmas characters.

The Ghost of Christmas Future

Lurking in the shadows in Mickey’s Christmas Carol, the Ghost of Christmas Future only has bad news for Scrooge McDuck. He’s not just an evil shadow — Mickey’s rival Pete is the Disney character here.

But most of the time the gigantic shadow intimidates, especially when it’s pointing to Scrooge’s grave. Very scary for a kid’s film.


Based on a folklore creature, Krampus punishes the naughty, undeserving children during Christmas. This version terrorizes on Fox’s American Dad. Krampus looks demonic and his demeanor of hitting kids doesn’t help his image.

The folk tales and people who dress up as Krampus in real life are alarming. Another version of Krampus can be seen on Cartoon Network’s The Venture Bros. This demon is also terrifying.

Robot Santa Claus

The Futurama Santa Claus dispenses justice in a very cruel way. Like Krampus, the futuristic St. Nick will punish the naughty. Except this robot has a serious flaw: everybody’s naughty and a price must be paid.

That price is unusually high — death. Every Christmas, Santa comes to town with robot reindeer to chop people’s heads off and stuff toys down their necks. His sharp teeth, menacing eyes and spiked ball at the tip of his Santa hat prove that this threatening SOB means business. He has a variety of weapons and murder tactics to give the naughty what they deserve. Whatever you do, don’t sit on this Santa’s lap.